Students attending Morehead High School are offered many electives.  A list of elective courses are listed below.

Bible I

   Credit: 1 

   Grades: 9-12

   Weight: S 

   Prerequisite: None 

Develop a foundation for ________________________


Bible II

   Credit: 1 

   Grades: 9-12 

   Weight: S

   Prerequisite: ___________



Career and Technical Education Courses - for a complete list of CTE electives that includes automotive studies, business, finance, foods, marketing, robotics, and more, please click the link to go to the CTE (Career and Technical Education) Page. 


Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Courses - for a complete list of Cultural Arts electives that includes art, band, chorus, photography,, and theater, please click the link to go to the Cultural Arts Page.



   Credit: 1 

   Grades: 9-12 

   Weight: S

   Prerequisite: ___________


JROTC Courses - for a complete list of JROTC electives, please click the link to go to the JROTC Page.


Media Assistant

   Credit: 1 

   Grades: 11-12

   Weight: S 

   Prerequisite: English I and II, Must apply and be approved with two teacher recommendations.

Assist with the day-to-day operation of the media center. Learn the basic principles of media center organization including shelving books, checking out materials, assisting students and teachers with research as well as educational information needs.

Office Assistant

   Credit: None 

   Grades: 12

   Weight: S 

   Prerequisite:  Pre-approval

Asssist with day-to-day operation of the school front office including assisting visitors, teachers, and students.

Physical Education

Physical Education Courses - for a complete list of PE electives, please click the link to go to the PE Page.

Yearbook Production

Credit: 1

Grade: 10-12

Weight: S

Prerequisite: Application

Plan and prepare the yearbook for publication. Become acquainted with some of the elements of yearbook journalism such as layout and design and learn individual responsibility and teamwork. The majority of students in this class will be seniors, however, it will include some juniors who have a special interest in the yearbook or a special talent.

Yearbook Honors

   Credit: 1 

   Grades: 10-12 

   Weight H 

   Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation 

Publication/Yearbook is the study, practice and refinement of the fundamental of yearbook publication including interviewing, copy writing, layout design, photography, theme development, desktop publishing, and marketing with an emphasis on working as a team, meeting publisher’s deadlines, and adhering to ethical standards. Honors students are expected to enter the class with fundamental skills in place in order to begin book production immediately. They will help train new staff members, provide daily leadership, and take on additional production responsibilities.


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