Important Message From Dr. Moody

Important Message


Good Evening Panther Families, this is Ryan Moody, Principal of Morehead High School with an important update.

Recently we have received a number of questions regarding the possibility of purchasing additional yearbooks for this school year.  In speaking with our yearbook vendor we must have a minimum order of 50 year books in order to have more printed.  As well, the price for these yearbooks will increase to $80.  If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook and have not done so; please contact Ms. Krista Stewart as soon as possible.

Finally, only Seniors this year will be turning in their Chromebooks on Monday, June 1st.  This year we have decided to allow all of our underclassmen to keep their Chromebooks throughout the summer.  Please note that if you have issues with your Chromebook or are in need of any assistance please contact Mrs. Wotring or Dr. Moody.  This summer we are working on developing plans to provide our students additional support in their upcoming subjects for next year and will provide everyone with more detailed plans as we move forward. 

Again, please remember that only Seniors will be turning in their Chromebooks on Monday, June 1st.

As always, thank you for your time, have a great evening and Go Panthers!!

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