RCS-News Release 3/25/2021

Rockingham County Schools Discusses District Plans

Rockingham County Schools is thankful for our staff and leaders in our district and we have many exciting events that will be happening in the Spring and Summer of 2021 to support our students. We are looking forward to being able to continue to support our students and staff to finish strong in our school year. We know through the hard work and dedication of our staff and leaders in our district, we can truly accomplish and excel to great heights with our students.

As students returned to five days a week of in-person learning this past week for grades PreK-5 and our grades 6-12 students will return to five days a week of in-person learning beginning March 30, 2021, RCS is planning many exciting events and milestones to look forward to as we think about supporting our students academically and socially-emotionally. RCS schools will have many awards ceremonies, prom, special school events, and graduations and this is all very exciting for our students and families in our community. Our students are one step closer to returning to a sense of normalcy and we are grateful to provide these opportunities for them while still keeping safety as our top priority.

Rockingham County Schools has appreciated Dr. Worrell’s support and leadership and her willingness to help us. At this time, she will continue her support and guidance through April 8, 2021. Dr. Worrell stated, “Rockingham County Schools is an excellent school district with wonderful educators and leaders. I have truly enjoyed partnering and working with our schools, staff, central office leaders, and Board of Education during this time. I have been honored to serve our students, staff, and community.”

RCS is beginning the initial planning of the RCS Strategic Plan. Our Board of Education, district leaders, staff, families, students, and our community will all play a critical role in developing our vision and the focus for our school district and our students! RCS is planning to engage in Acceleration Academies for the summer to support learning and enrichment in the summer as well. We will soon release more information about this opportunity for families very soon. We continue to remain focused on our top priority which is our students and we know that our Board of Education will continue to support our staff and students as we work hard to continue to help them have a successful school year.

Please visit our website at www.rock.k12.nc.us and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@RCS_NC) for more information about these upcoming opportunities.

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