Weekly Message from Dr. Moody

Weekly Message

Week of 10/11/20

Good Evening Panther Families, this is Ryan Moody, Principal of Morehead High School with this week’s weekly message. 

This week marks the end of the first grading period, all students must complete any missing assignments by Thursday, October 15th.  Please check each of your classes Canvas shells to ensure you have completed all assignments.  Also, students need to make sure that all of their CCRG coursework is up to date.  This week, our teachers will be conferencing with students to discuss their progress in CCRG and their courses.  Friday, October 16th will serve as a required teacher workday.

Due to our closure we have rescheduled our grade level meetings with Herff Jones for our cap and gown and class rings for 10th and 12th grade students.  A day students in the 10th and 12th grade will meet in the auditorium on October 27th and B day students will meet on October 29th.  10th grade meetings for both days are scheduled for 10:15am and 12th grade students will meet at 11:15am.  All students, even those who have elected to stay virtual are invited to attend.  All students must complete our check in procedures and wear a face covering.  Following our meetings Herff Jones will be back on campus on November 2nd and 5th to take orders.

Senior Picture retakes have been rescheduled for November 18th.  Students interested in retakes need to contact Ms. Krista Stewart for any questions.  

All students are reminded that for next week we will operate on our Plan C bell schedule with online Zoom classes starting at 9am.  In order to be present students must remain online throughout the class period and complete their assignments.

As always we cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow morning online, on time and ready to work. 

Thank you for your time, have a great evening, and Go Panthers!!!

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