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Weekly Message - 9/10/23

Good Evening- This is Colby Garrett, Senior Soccer Player at Morehead for 2023-2024, with this week’s Morehead Message.

-Doors open at 7:45 AM. All students will enter the front gym lobby upon arrival. We would like all students to be dropped off in the circle in front of the school. Students should not be dropped off in the back of the school. If you are a bus rider, please wait at your stop 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes after your designated pick-up time. We will be working towards accurate bus rosters and times. Please be patient.

-All student drivers need to park in the student parking lot and purchase a $25 parking pass. See Officer Thompson to purchase a pass.

-The school day will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM. Please have your student here on time. Please be aware of the parking lots of students if you are coming to or leaving campus.

-Anyone attending athletic events will not be allowed in an event with a bag unless the bag is clear. You will be asked to return your bag to the car if it is not clear. Please help out with this.

- Items that will be sold during the school day are as follows:

-Chromebooks Fee- $30

-PE Uniform- $25

-MHS This is Home T-Shirt - $20

-MHS Athletic passes- see Athletic Director Blackwell

-Purchase your 2023-2024 Yearbook today! Look out for flyers that will be sent home this week with information on how to order yours today!

-Senior Ads for the yearbook are currently being sold. Reach out to Ms. Weintraub for more information.

-All Students at Morehead will be receiving free breakfast and lunch during the school year. Parents will not have to fill out paperwork.

-We ask students to not have outside food on campus. If food or drinks are dropped off, it must be in a non-logo bag or cup and it will not be delivered to the student until their lunch period. Students will not be able to leave class to pick up food.

-Please visit us on Facebook with the Morehead High School Group.

-Messages will be Sunday evenings at 5:45.

As Always, It’s a Great Day to Be a Panther.

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